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Protection Plans

Protect your investment

We provide year round peace of mind by making sure your heat pump is properly maintained. If anything should go wrong you know we are here and ready to help.

Choose the Plan That’s Right For You

The benefits of our planned maintenance programs are clear:

  • Save on your monthly heating & air conditioning costs – in most cases the savings will more than pay for the service.
  • Extend the life of your equipment – a properly maintained system can last over 100% longer with fewer repairs and failures.
  • Reduce repair costs – lack of maintenance can lead to unexpected and more costly repairs.
  • Priority service – “Planned Maintenance” customers receive priority service status.
  • Maintenance discounts – We extend a 25% parts and labor discount on all service repairs made to customers with a basic and deluxe maintenance agreement.
  • Peace of Mind – this is yours when your “Planned Maintenance Program is in place.

Protection Plans

Basic, Deluxe and Comfort Shield Program holders receive priority service standing , pay no overtime fees on after hour emergency services, receive special discounts on non warranted parts and labor for the entire plan period, plus receive automated renewal notices at the end of each plan year!.

Heat Pump$162$215$320
Add on HP$162$215$320
Ductless HP$162$182$320
Ductless Multi$162$215$320
Standard Plan
  • Yearly Inspection & Maintenance
  •  Automatic Service Reminders
Basic Plan
  • Yearly Inspection & Maintenance
  •  24/7 Emergency Services
  • 25% Discount on Non-warranted Parts
  • 25% Discount on Labour
  •  No Overtime Premiums
  •  Automatic Service Reminders
Deluxe Plan
  • Yearly Inspection & Maintenance
  •  24/7 Emergency Services
  • 100% Labour on manufacturer’s Warranted Parts
  • 25% discount on non-warranted Parts & Service.
  •  No Overtime Premiums
  •  Automatic Service Reminders
  •  Warranted labour limited to minimum service call fee of $162
  • 50% Anti-corrosion Discount

* Prices listed are annual renewals.

The Comfort Shield Plan provides a 100% discount on both warranted and non-warranted repairs and includes 100% for refrigerant and refrigerant equipment related services. It is fully transferable to any subsequent homeowner.

3 Year5 Year10 Year
Heat Pump/AH$550$835$1375
Add on HP$450$675$1440
Ductless HP$225$375$540
Ductless Multi$235$395$595

* Price subject to manufacturer’s extended warranty. Available for most makes and models. Some conditions apply. Initial coverage begins 90 days after plan registration. Installation and equipment must first meet minimum standards prior to full coverage entitlement. Eligible equipment is limited to obtaining coverage within 5 years of the original installation date. A valid manufacturer’s warranty is a prerequisite. A one time purchase is available for 3, 5, or 10 year terms.

All Protection Plans Cover Yearly Inspections Including:

Outdoor Unit Inspection

  • Inspect component wiring for damaged, loose, or worn connections.
  • Confirm and record proper voltage and amperage draw on outdoor unit.
  • Check cleanliness and condition of outdoor fan blades.
  • Inspect fan motor assemblies.
  • Inspect base pan drains for debris and clean as necessary.
  • Inspect refrigerant lines in unit for signs of chafing.
  • Test run capacitor under load.
  • Inspect contactor for pitting or burn marks.
  • Check outdoor fan motor for worn bearings/bushings.
  • Inspect outdoor coils and note coil condition for signs of leakage or corrosion.

Indoor Unit (air handler) Inspection

  • Inspect component wiring for loose, worn or damaged connections.
  • Confirm proper voltage and amperage on indoor unit.
  • Inspect filters and advise frequent replacement.
  • Check the cleanliness of indoor blower and clean if necessary.
  • Inspect condensate drain pan for debris, obstructions, leaks or cracks. Pour water in pans to confirm proper drainage from the pan through to the outlet of the pipe. Clean as necessary. Odor and clogging prevention tablet left in pan.
  • Inspect evaporator coil. Light cleaning, spraying of coil.
  • Inspect insulation on the refrigerant lines.
  • Check for bearing/bushing wear on indoor blower motor.
  • Test capacitor under load.

General Systems Operating Test

  • Comfort or Efficiency?
  • Heat pump cycled in all modes to verify actual system operation when permissible by weather.
  • Check, verify and adjust defrost and balance point temperature settings.
  • Check for unusual noises or odors.
  • Confirm system operation and efficiency by performing capacity calculation
  • Verify that system total static pressure and airflow settings meet specific operating parameters.

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