Protection Plans

Protect your investment

We provide year round peace of mind by making sure your heat pump is properly maintained. If anything should go wrong you know we are here and ready to help.

Choose the Plan That’s Right For You

The benefits of our planned maintenance programs are clear:

  • Save on your monthly heating & air conditioning costs – in most cases the savings will more than pay for the service.
  • Extend the life of your equipment – a properly maintained system can last over 100% longer with fewer repairs and failures.
  • Reduce repair costs – lack of maintenance can lead to unexpected and more costly repairs.
  • Priority service – Protection Plan customers receive priority service status.
  • Maintenance coverage – Your heat pump’s yearly tune-up is covered.
  • Peace of Mind – it’s worry-free heating and cooling.

Protection Plans

Central Heat Pumps

Choose a Wilsons Mechanical Protection Plan for your central heat pump and we’ll cover*:

  • Your yearly inspection and maintenance (call us to book it!)
  • Priority service, including 24/7 emergency service
  • Parts repair or replacement
  • Labour for service calls
  • Pair your heat pump protection plan with your Wilsons Heating furnace or boiler protection plan

Starting at $26.68/month

for add-ons to an existing oil or propane heating system and
$35.15/month for Central Heat Pumps on electric heating systems.

Ductless Heat Pumps

Most ductless heat pumps come with manufacturer warranties that cover parts and labour for repairs. Wilsons Mechanical’s certified, trained technicians can perform warranty-approved work on your heat pump, from the required annual maintenance visits, to surprise repairs.

Save on your Annual Maintenance!

Most heat pump manufacturers require homeowners to have annual maintenance done on their heat pumps by a certified technician in order to honour the warranty. Plus, it’s important for keeping your system running as cleanly and efficiently as possible.
For a limited time, get 3 for the price of 2! Purchase your next 3 annual maintenance visits now and save.**
*Conditions apply. Contact us for full terms and conditions.
**Purchase three annual maintenance visits for the price of two for a limited time. When you buy a package of three annual maintenance visits, to be used in consecutive years at the same address on the same heat pump, receive one of those visits at no cost. Please speak with a Wilsons Mechanical team member for full details and conditions. Please note that Wilsons Mechanical reserves the right to change or terminate this offer at any time without notice.

Protection Plans Cover Yearly Inspections Including:

Outdoor Unit Inspection

  • Inspect component wiring for damaged, loose, or worn connections.
  • Confirm and record proper voltage and amperage draw on outdoor unit.
  • Check cleanliness and condition of outdoor fan blades.
  • Inspect fan motor assemblies.
  • Inspect base pan drains for debris and clean as necessary.
  • Inspect refrigerant lines in unit for signs of chafing.
  • Test run capacitor under load.
  • Check outdoor fan motor for worn bearings/bushings.
  • Inspect outdoor coils and note coil condition for signs of leakage or corrosion.

Indoor Unit (air handler) Inspection

  • Inspect component wiring for loose, worn or damaged connections.
  • Confirm proper voltage and amperage on indoor unit.
  • Inspect filters and advise frequent replacement.
  • Check the cleanliness of indoor blower and clean if necessary.
  • Inspect condensate drain pan for debris, obstructions, leaks or cracks. Pour water in pans to confirm proper drainage from the pan through to the outlet of the pipe. Clean as necessary. Odor and clogging prevention tablet left in pan.
  • Inspect evaporator coil. Light cleaning, spraying of coil.
  • Inspect insulation on the refrigerant lines.
  • Check for bearing/bushing wear on indoor blower motor.
  • Test capacitor under load.

General Systems Operating Test

  • Comfort or Efficiency?
  • Heat pump cycled in all modes to verify actual system operation when permissible by weather.
  • Check, verify and adjust defrost and balance point temperature settings.
  • Check for unusual noises or odors.
  • Confirm system operation and efficiency by performing capacity calculation
  • Verify that system total static pressure and airflow settings meet specific operating parameters.

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