Arzel Zoning System

The perfect solution for existing forced air to heat pump retrofits.

Arzel Heat Pump Zoning System

If your home or business is currently heated and cooled with forced air, ducted system the Arzel Zoning system could offer the perfect method for converting your system to a Central Heat Pump.

The Arzel HeatPumPro® Advantage

HeatPumPro® offers the latest in zoning control technology. The technology is the easiest and most cost-effective way of getting the maximum efficiency out of a ducted heat pump system.

While the HeatPumPro® was originally designed specifically for heat pump applications, the flexibility of the system has made it possible to use it with other heating and cooling systems, such as a heat pump with electric backup, conventional, and dual fuel. Even single stage equipment can be zoned, because the HeatPumPro® only needs to be reprogrammed when the system is upgraded, not replaced.

The HeatPumPro® is perfect for both new construction and retrofit applications, offering the most versatile, cost-effective zoning system in the industry.

Why is this system so unique?

Connecting a central heat pump to an existing forced air system does come with challenges. Mainly in the areas of control. Heat pumps produce heat differently than an oil or gas based furnace. Your existing control system may not be appropriate for controlling a heat pump and may need additional equipment and systems. The HeatPumPro® takes care of all of this allowing for minimal changes to your ducting or control systems (thermostats).


  • Independent blower & compressor staging
  • Outdoor Air Temperature (OAT) sensor
  • Leaving Air Temperature (LAT) sensor
  • LCD display
  • Zone weight percentage
  • Replaceable fuse protection
  • Easy to use lever style terminals
  • Manual pump switch opens all dampers for testing


  • Residential & light commercial four zones or less
  • Single or multi-stage equipment
  • Variable speed
  • Furnace
  • Air conditioner
  • Heat pump
  • Dual fuel

Replace your existing forced air furnace with an efficient heat pump and a Arzel HeatPumPro.