Electric Thermal Storage

Heating is a necessary expenditure, but with a Steffes electric thermal storage (ETS) heating solution paying too much is never necessary. ETS systems are the alternative to high electricity bills and inefficient heating systems. No matter how big your home or how cold the temperature outside: Steffes has the ideal residential ETS heating solution for your needs.

Steffes ETS
Steffes ETS room unit

Room Units

Non-ducted heaters are designed to heat the room or area into which they are placed. Room Units are ideal for new construction applications, retrofits or a supplement to an existing heating system.

Steffes ETS Forced Air Unit

Forced Air Furnaces

Centrally ducted furnaces are designed to be the main heating system (forced air) for residential or small commercial applications. They can be used as a stand-alone furnace or installed with a heat pump  for greater efficiency and energy savings.

Benefits of ETS Residential Heating Systems

The most appealing benefit of an ETS home heating system is significant cost savings. The average homeowner with a Steffes ETS system enjoys a savings of 40 to 70 percent on their annual heating bills. In dollar form, that equates to an average savings of $500 to $2,000 each year depending on house size and other factors.

Smart homeowners know that a shrewd short-term investment pays off in the future with long-term rewards. For most homeowners the cost of upgrading to an ETS system more than pays for itself after just a few years (5-years or less). Beyond these impressive savings, a Steffes heating system also offers you these great benefits:

  • Great comfort and reliability
  • No routine maintenance
  • The ability to customize your system based on your unique needs
  • Improve heat pump comfort and operating efficiencies
  • The ability to store renewable power (solar, wind, etc.)
  • Smart grid and smart metering technology for additional control, efficiency and cost savings
  • And all the other Benefits of Off-Peak Heating

Why You Save Money with ETS Home Heating Systems

ETS systems are smarter and more efficient than traditional heating systems. Through the use of high-density ceramic bricks, ETS systems are capable of generating and storing heat during low-cost off-peak hours. Based on the settings you choose, this stored heat is dispersed throughout your home or small business as needed. So, while you may be using the majority of your electricity during peak billing hours, you’ll actually be paying non-peak billing prices because the energy was stored during low-cost times.

All residential heating systems offered by Steffes require no routine servicing and come with a 5-year limited parts warranty. With less maintenance requirements, you’ll save even more money and avoid the headaches that come with other heating solutions.